Discover Botfuel Answers for effortless AI-fueled customer support

Build enterprise grade chatbots fueled by conversational AI

Botfuel is a cutting edge bot platform designed for testability, scalability, connectivity and data privacy. Build chatbots able to deliver natural conversational experiences to your users.

All-in-one platform for developers

Everything you need to build, run and manage highly conversational chatbots.

Botfuel Dialog

With our open-source Node.js-based SDK develop highly conversational chatbots with just a few lines of code.

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Botfuel NLP

Off-the-shelf natural language processing technology for chatbots.

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Botfuel Trainer

Manage your chatbot content and feed it with new content through an intuitive web interface.

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Follow and optimize your chatbots' performance and understand your customers' behaviors through our analytics application.

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