Botfuel NLP
Off-the-shelf natural language processing technology to build chatbots even from small datasets.
  • Understanding
  • Intent classification

  • Interpret input from your users to understand what they want to do
  • Analyzing
  • Entity

  • Recognize up to 31 complex entities like dates and addresses, in 4 languages
  • Checking
  • Spell

  • Spell-check your user inputs using generic or custom dictionaries

Intent Classification Core Features

State-of-the-art algorithm
Use our machine-learning algorithm to understand user accurately.
Easy to use API
Use the same API to classify both intents and QnAs.

Entity Extractor Core Features

Powerful Entity Extraction
Easily extract time intervals, dates and addresses among a total of 31 entities.
Ready for internationalization, our extractor recognizes entities in English, French, Spanish and German.

Spell-Checker Core Features

Custom Dictionaries
Integrate custom dictionaries to make sure you bot speaks fluently with your customers.
Spell-check your user inputs in any language you want.