Botfuel Partner Program

Our program helps partners develop chatbots and best practices on Botfuel technologies. Joining the Botfuel Partner Program ensures your services and solutions visibility with our clients and prospects.

Why should you join our Partner Program ?

The Botfuel Partner Program aims at developing successful collaborations between our clients and technology providers, consulting firms and digital agencies by bringing them training and technical support on Botfuel technologies.

As a Botfuel Partner, you will have access to technical and marketing resources. You will also benefit from sales lead coming from companies wanting to develop chatbots on Botfuel technologies.
Technical Resources

As a Botfuel Partner, you will have access to training sessions for your developers as well as your sales teams. Delivered by our bot experts, they will keep you up to date with state-of-the-art AI technologies and best practices.

Marketing collaboration

As a Partner you will receive tailor-made marketing materials on chatbots for your communications. You will also have access to joint customer-facing Webinars and Case Studies to gain exposure with our clients.

Inbound Sales Leads

As a member of the Partner Program, your technologies and services will be brought forward to relevant Botfuel prospects.

Botfuel Partner Types

Digital Agencies

Digital Agencies are marketing & communications firms that design, build and run Botfuel chatbots for customer campaigns.

Technological Partners

Technological Partners software vendors who provide solutions built or integrated with Botfuel technologies.

Consulting Partners

Consulting Partners are professional services firms that design, build, integrate and manage chatbots for their clients.

Our Partners

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